I opened my eyes and I was in a different setting,

It’s a place where you don’t wanna look back, because it’s a cemetery full of overdue nightmares.

but you also don’t want to look forward as it feels like you’re on the edge of an unstable cliff.

You’re going 80 on the i95 with no authority of your controls because of your extreme narcolepsy.

Try not to think so much, as it causes rashes of anxiety.

It’s getting crowded here, claustrophobia my best rival!

This place is warped and tampered with

You can sense it instantly as numerous of worms crawl up your skin.

You can’t escape, it’ll make you look like a fool.

Talk to me and explain to me how your biggest dreams scare you,

Because my nightmares do.

So let me welcome you.

This is where I am.

Sometimes, I felt like life never really went “my way” until, I took a step back and observed everything that was going on around me and it was getting me in the direction that felt exactly, “my way”

I was meant to be like this,

To fade away and come back in raging fire.

To sleep with my petrifying shadows and regret it the next morning.

To stay up all night screaming, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!”

And accomplish the mission the very next day.

I was meant to live, eat, breathe, feel, and drown in my thoughts,

But learn that they were never my own to begin with.

To love a few beasts and be immersed in their tragic and unfortunate ways.

To wake up and expect something new,

But to crash and burn several times, repeatedly.

I was meant to go back to my favorite devil and let him devour my heart out once more.

To let the flame go out for several months and feel nothing.

I was meant to take advantage of a few angels, eat their hearts out as well,

To feel the gruesome wrath of my wrong-doings,

To let karma be my enemy for years on end and not knowing why.

To fall apart, find all the pieces, and puzzle me back.

I was intended to resurrect and determine,

That I was meant to strip naked with writing,

To feel foreplay with words,

To moan & scream in pleasure with rhymes,

To feel lethargy after every piece I have finished

To feel butterflies every time I scrutinized at another soul’s heart and inscribed blood through their work.

I was meant to be like this.

Cover me

This small piece came about one night while I was laying in bed and rewatching, “The Hills” after 7 years? (frigggin love that show!!) and the song Turbulence by The Working Title came on at the end of the episode (I also snagged, “Baby, cover me” from that song) and instantly got zapped with this idea.

Baby, cover me.

Cover me tonight,

Don’t go out on that flight

Wrap your arms around me, hold me tight.

I’ve been thinking too much lately

And I’ve been longing for you greatly

I don’t want to get out of bed unless you’re here.

Can’t you see? You mean everything in my world dear,

Can we lay under the stars?

As you tell me stories about the many lives that you’ve had so far

And tell me I’m fine, when my mind isn’t thinking right

I fell in love with your soul way too many times before

I just can’t seem to get away.

The light in you brightens my cluttered and dark room

You missed your flight.. I assume.

You drop your luggage on the floor and quickly say to me,

“Baby, cover me.”

I obey,

And I can’t seem to get away.

Side Keepings.

There’s a reason why I’m intimidated by my other sides

It has aided and abetted me countless of times

It sees through my lies, my cries, and even when I just want to hide

It can see the history of my enormities and hypocrisies

But always manages to discipline and get me back to my conformities.

My other side of me tends to be loud and proud without a mouth.

It despises when I’m being naive, it steps in, kills me off just so you can be deceived.

It lashes and bashes out on me when I don’t give it what it wants

She specializes in poisonous morphines

Man, you should’ve known that when you took a bite, and sampled me

She’ll lead you to the rabbit hole before you try and crack her code

There’s no point in getting out now

She pulls a gun to your head and straps you down

She won’t let you get away that easy though

Because it’s all part of her magnificent show

You scream to me for help, not knowing that I’m afraid of her as well.

Although you now know that I stand behind her,

you look back at the bruises, black eyes, and scars and realize that it wasn’t me that gave you those marks after all

You were disappointing her with your defiant facades.

Now your intimated by my multiple sides, because I have no control like the permanent twitch that’s going on in your left eye.

Bury a friend – Billie Eilish

This is a short story based off of Billie Eilish’s song, “Bury a Friend” it’s from the perspective of the guy in the music video. I hope you guys enjoy!

I was 7 years old when I first met her.. officially. I was always scared of her. I can’t be crazy.. but no one sees her except me. Her bulging black eyes really put a freight down my spine back then. Now I can’t even live without looking at ‘em.

I woke up from this raging nightmare, I was sweating, the drops burning my eyes!

I hear her breathing against the wooden floor boards, which sends my body into a frenzy. The sound of each breath relaxes the muscles in my body, and slows my rapid-beating heart, making me drift slowly back into my sleep. It’s comforting really, most people would think I’m bat-shit crazy for keeping her so close to me. She will always be around until I’m dead. It may sound really fucking selfish of me, but I don’t care who comes around and who goes. I have many kinds of demons, but she’s one that I wouldn’t throw away like a crumbled paper in a trash can. No matter how possessive or demanding she can be. She will always be around, and I won’t die alone.

Consistent waves never win.

I get why he chased you,

but he had nothing better to do

with the constant curves of my waves,

He felt like he was drowning in his old ways

My heart knows how to shield itself now

But you’re constantly throwing yours on the ground.

You’re never going to learn if you keep treating yourself

to the mouth-watering wolves that keep chasing you down.

And here he goes again,

letting you know for the billionth time he isn’t worth the crimes

Or a belly full of lies

And you sacrificed your soul to make him feel whole.

I don’t miss the sleepless nights waiting for your texts to bring in the light.

I don’t miss the bickering fights where I would lose my temper

Making me do sick and twisted things I wish I didn’t remember.

You’re drinking yourself down at a local bar

Hoping to forget the consequences karma has offered you so far

You never see yourself at fault

you blame your victims for your distraught

I don’t miss the times where you made me feel empty

Like a rusty truck blinking for gasoline

But I woke up one day asking, “Why are you so friggin mean to me?”

As the thought of that question processed my mind

I knew that it was ME torturing MYSELF this whole time

And that’s when I knew I didn’t have love for myself

‘Cus I kept walking up to the mouth-watering wolves

The bites left me distorted

But I’m glad I came this far

No wolf ever comes my way anymore

Because when I became the ocean they’ve been frightened to drown in their hell-rotting emotions.

I love myself and the treacherous waves I make because it makes me feel sane.


Writers block will always be the death of me. It’s irritating, like the raging sting you’d get when that stinkin’ migraine comes on and it’s vigorous, or that aching throat feeling you’d get before you drown your eyes in the water that makes you, you; after hearing horrific news..

Writing makes me, me.

When it comes to not having a spark to not create anything with words to touch the human soul it’s irritating.

It isn’t a hysteria type of way, but I’m infatuated with creating characters for the voices running and completing laps in my head.

I hope you enjoy.